H&H Electric Co. is run by a generation of leaders who are third in a family line that dates back to the 1950’s. The Veneziano brothers, Louie and Lenny, are passionate and enthusiastic about the business. These men find a level of joy in their work that most of us only experience on vacation. The Veneziano’s are inspired to make the company better and better. Professional caring business men, they’ve thoughtfully structured every aspect of H&H Electric Co.’s operations to ensure that each job surpasses customer expectations in terms of time, budget, and quality.

Leading from the Front

The H&H Electric Co. leadership team knows that customer satisfaction starts with employee satisfaction. The Venezianos are good people to work with and treat others with respect. Their employees stay with the company for decades. Strong leadership starts on the frontlines and that’s where you’ll often find Louie and Lenny. The brothers grew up in the business so they are not shy about rolling up their sleeves and doing whatever it takes to make a job run smoothly.

Caring about safety

The company’s care and concern for its employees, customers, and the public is exemplified by the safety program they built to exceed industry standards. Employees are equipped with the most current highest quality Personal Protective Equipment and job sites are kept clear of debris.

Blazing new trails

H&H Electric Co. stays at the forefront of industry changes. They are one of the first Illinois electrical contractors to learn how to get funding for and install Wind Turbines. Their concern for the environment starts on the home front. H&H Electric Co has invested in state of the art estimating, accounting, and email systems to provide flawless service to customers and to reach the goal of a 100% paperless office. Currently, their business is running 90% paperless.

Adding value

H&H Electric Co. builds long term relationships by adding value to their customers’ businesses. These craftsmen take great pride in the quality of their work. The attention to detail that goes into each job has resulted in a zero re-work rate for 99.9% of projects. This translates into time and cost savings for project owners. Over the years, a plethora of now obsolete items have accumulated in the company’s warehouse. Often, H&H is able to replace parts others can’t find so that customers don’t have to go through costly equipment upgrades. The company’s leaders and crew are generous with their expertise. Whenever possible, they share energy efficient options that save customers time and money. A substantial investment in a well maintained fleet of OSHA compliant equipment allows H&H Electric Co. to complete their work with virtually no downtime on projects.